speaker set up

  1. BigSteve757

    Newbie Looking For Advice On Audio Equipment

    So im in the process of buying a 2011-2013 Dodge Charger Base model (Wouldn't make much sense to pay for a higher model and end up replacing all the Premium Audio Equipment) I want to buy all the equipment i need first and the take it to a shop and have them do a 100% CLEAN install of all of it...
  2. J

    Need help with outdoor speakers on a mobile tailgating rig

    Hello everyone. Last year I turned an old ambulance into a mobile tailgating rig and need some advice on getting sound outside. Last season we ran two outdoor deck speakers on the roof of the ambulance connected to a 100 Watt amp. During the offseason, the speakers lost a battle with a tree...
  3. N

    1988 Mazda RX7 door and dash speaker sizes?

    What sizes do I need to fit both the doors and dash of this car?
  4. J

    Need Head Unit Help!!!!!!!!

    I have a stock head unit in my 2004 Dodge Stratus and would really like to keep either the same stock head unit or to put a different compatible stock head unit (I do not want to intall an aftermarket head unit if I dont need to). The only problem with that is that the stock unit only has a...