speaker combinations

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    Please help what AMP do I need for car sound system upgrade???

    Hi, I have spent hours trying to work this out but still no success!!! I have the following speakers and I think I need a 4 channel AMP to run them all from 1 AMP. What Wattage/spec AMP do I need to run them all. Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks. 1 X 800W max Pioneer 12" Sub...
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    need speakers for my 98 contour

    ok so I have two 6x8 kenwood 3-ways (kfc-c6882ie) my car has four 6x9 speakers in the doors i want to use the kenwoods to save some money. so i wanted some opinions on what kind of speaker i should get to complement them also should the kenwoods go in front or back. just to get an idea I was...