1. C

    COMPLETED 2 Sound Splinter Rl-I8 Subwoofers in ported enclosure

    Howdy all, I'm selling my beloved SoundSplinter RL-I8's in a Custom Ported Enclosure tuned to around 40hz (can't remember exact). I have been using these Subs for well over 10 years. I'm finally selling my car thus getting rid of these bad boys. I'm almost posting to the local Facebook...
  2. audio_phill

    TC LMT Soundsplinter RL-s Motor

    Product I'm looking for:   Title, Quad stack tc9 based LMT, dual 1, dual 3/4 slug Budget: Be reasonable folks, they go around $215 shipped Condition: The nicer the better Time Frame (if applicable): ASAP Have plenty of nice dirvers to trade, a few motors as well, some frames, some...
  3. A

    Soundsplinters RL- i 10 pair for sale

    Item(s) for Sale:[/u] Soundsplinters RL- I 10 pair Item(s) Description/Condition: Rarely used almost brand new condition Dual 4 ohm Price: 200 for pair Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: $ 20.00 shipping conus...
  4. denim

    SoundSplinter Orphan 8 sale

    Check them out here:   SoundSplinter Orphan 8 sale.   This is a one time sale as these are not going to be made again anytime in the near future.    
  5. N

    FS: Soundsplinter RL-P 12" Dual 4 Ohm Subwooder

    Item(s) for Sale: (1) SoundSplinter RL-P 12" Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coils 12" Subwoofer Item(s) Description/Condition: This sub was purchased on this forum a few years ago from PepsiFiend69. There is a small tear in the surround that was there when I purchased it. It was repaired using RTV by...
  6. soundsplinter protos

    soundsplinter protos

    phat subs