sound qubed

  1. Jkidd288

    Sql build honda civic

    Honda Civic 2006 Optima Yellowtop front XS Power D3400 rear DC Power 270 amp alt Alpine CDE-154 Head Unit 2 Sound Qubed Q1-2200D.1's 2 American Bass XFL 12's Audiopipe mini 4 channel(80rms @4ohms) Pioneer D Series component 6.5's front stage Pioneer A Series component 6.5's rear fill...
  2. Jkidd288

    2 American Bass XFL 12's on SQ Q1-2200.1

    Ok first off i want to list my system in full detail: Honda Civic 2006 DC Power 270XP alternator Optima Yellow Top under the hood Energie PB600 supercap in the rear Dynomat in the trunk up to the ceiling. But ceiling is not covered completely. Dynomat around the door holes. Alpine...
  3. D

    any one used sound qubed?

    if so can i hear some feed back, they have a 15 for sale only $160 rated at 600 rms and im thinking it may be too good to be true. so i want to know a little about them before i purchase