setting gains

  1. R

    Setting amp to the proper settings

    What’s up guys? So today I am looking for some help on how to properly set my amp. I’ve never “tuned” an amp so I don’t know what to set the LPF to. I know to leave the bass boost at zero, the other thing on my amp is that there is no “gain” setting. So I imagine the input sensitivity is the...
  2. Tshaffe

    Jl w7 10" and 1000/1 setup PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Okay I have had a jl 1000/1 amp (older model the v1) and I just had it on a sundown sub on low gain until I found a w7 or something more powerful. I recently found a w7 10" 3 ohm in a sealed box for dirt cheap but It has a crack in the "dust cap". It doesn't go all the way through so it's not a...
  3. MellowHype

    Setting Gains With Digital Multimeter

    Yo im about to set my gains for my Alpine SPR-60c comps on my MRP-f600 amp using a dmm. I have learned most of what i need to do, however theres one thing im not sure of. The speakers take 110wrms at 4ohms, but my amp can only give them 100wrms. To work out what voltage i need, i use Voltage =...