second skin

  1. J

    Dampening Question. Is it worth it?

    Hi! So, I'm building a some what budget build and I have been looking at dampeners and I found some dynamat extreme on sale and picked that up but i have been looking at luxury liner, Luxury liner pro, and Dynapad. Off the bat i ruled out dynapad all the sites i looked it is just as expensive...
  2. J

    Second Skin Damplifier Pro, SPL Tiles, and Stinger HPM 12 gauge speaker wire and HPM

    Hey all.I've been out of town for the summer and when I came back home I got together a lot of stuff that was never used in one of my builds that I am listing for sale.But first, here are my references: SMD Feedback Feedback iTrader Feedback on CACO Okay well first off...
  3. The_Grimy_One

    Some Sound Deadener

    I need some sound deadener, only about 10 Sq Ft. (if that), preferably some Audio Technix, Damplifier/Pro, Dynamat, or Fatmat Mega Mat. Let me know what you got.
  4. donpisto

    FS: 2 sheets of Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro

    1. Product: Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro 2. Specs: Luxury Liner - Acoustic Noise Barrier and Insulation Barrier 3. Description/Condition: Brand new never used 4. Price: : $33 each sheet. Total of two. Buy both for $60. Price does not include shipping. 5. Pictures:
  5. donpisto

    SOLD FS: Second Skin Damplifier Pro (Black) - Wicked Deal

    SOLD! Item(s) for Sale: Second Skin Damplifier Pro in black. 19 sheets. Item(s) Description/Condition: New, never used. Need the cash. 19 sheets total. 17 pieces are one full piece. Two of them are nearly a full piece and will be including 2 other small ones so you'll get a total of 19...
  6. Overkill Sound Deadener

    Overkill Sound Deadener

    Roof coated in Spectrum Sludge and Overkill from Second Skin Audio.
  7. Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener

    Damplifier Pro Sound Deadener

    2 layers of Damplifier Pro from Second Skin Audio. Soon to be covered in Heat Wave and carpet.