sa 12

  1. thatguy12

    trying to find amp. 1000 at 2 ohms

    As the title says. i am doing a build for a friend. first full build im getting payed for (already built box for a sundown sa 12 D4 i sold him, and it slams for being on 300 watts.) i am trying to find him a descent amp that does around 1000 rms @ 2 ohms; i know a hard task, quality isnt the...
  2. E

    2 SA 12's

    Just ordered some Sundown Audio SA 12's and need help with getting an amp. They are rated at 600 rms per sub but most of us know they can take 1000 rms very easily. I will have a ported box, big 3, and a second battery to help out. Price range is about $300 for the amp. I need suggestions quick!!!
  3. G

    WTB sundown sa-12 dual 1's

    I am looking for two Sundown sa-12 dual 1 ohm subs or even 1 for the right price. Pm me with price and maybe we can work something out
  4. J

    Wtb Sundown Nightshade 12

    Wtb Sundown Nightshade 12 Sa-12 in good condition