rockford audio

  1. Somchine13

    Thoughts on Rockford T2s1 13

    Thinking about picking up a single Rockford 13 but they are a bit pricey. Has anyone heard these or own them? Just wondering if they are worth the price and how do they sound compare to the underground brands such as Sundown, Fi, Skar, and DC audio. Thanks
  2. J

    New to this and need some Advice

    Hey guys! I have a 1994 regular cab f-150 and am about to replace everything on the audio side I have a list of what I am looking at purchasing I would like to know what you guys think and if I also have all the wires I need to install it myself or if I need to buy additional ones for...
  3. Mboyle1145

    Advice on running two amps to my sub??

    Ok i feel like this is stupid idea and not even worth it but thats why im asking. i have a aq1200d and a hdc312 dual 1 ohm. i am thinking that i can some how run that amp and the rockford p500-2 to the sub?? is this possible or even worth it or should i just sell the p500-2