resonant engineering

  1. L

    Resonant Engineering - 12" XXX !!!!! 2004 Model

    Hey Guys - For SALE! RE 12" XXX!!!! Been out of the Audio game for so long now. I'm finally selling my car an just took trunk apart. I have a REAL sub that is just ridiculous. This is when RE was RE before the buyout when they made top quality speakers. Old school heads know the deal...
  2. bgordon

    2 re mt 12s, plus battery, box, 0 guage wire kit, some wire all cheap

    Item(s) for Sale: 2 re mt 12s ok shape see pictures, scott modified both of them with spacers, one sub had new tinsel leads installed twice as strong as the previous factory leads see picture, the solder job is ugly but its very strong, it may be long but it can be heated and shortened very...
  3. groundpound4200

    FS: RE XXX motor

    Item(s) for Sale: RE XXX motor Item(s) Description/Condition: 3" coil, huge top plate. it's used so it's not perfect but there are no broken or cracked slugs and it's aligned perfect. Price: $250 Shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Included in price to lower 48. Item...
  4. Trancer

    Two RE Audio SE 12's ----- NOT RE SE x's (Blown)

    `Item(s) for Sale: I have two RE SE 12" subwoofers. They are Dual 2 Ohm configuration These are not the newer lesser quality RE SE X's. As we all know, RE Audio's new subwoofer lines has gone a little bit down hill. The voice coils on these subs can be repaired fairly cheap, but I am willing...
  5. 15" RE SE

    15" RE SE

    One of the twins
  6. HC at an angle

    HC at an angle

  7. Neon w/ RE SE's and JBL 1200.1 install

    Neon w/ RE SE's and JBL 1200.1 install