remote turn on wire

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    Edge Amp Doesn't Turn off When Ignition is off

    I know this looks like the age old issue of an incorrect REM, but I'm stumped where I'm going wrong. Brand new Xplod HU, spliced REM wire from the back to the amp. Tried it in the aerial REM and the red Ignition lead. When Ignition is off, the amp is on, when we break the REM connection, it goes...
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    First time poster here (sorry if this is the wrong section) NEED HELP please read !

    Okay so too start i will give you minor info on the car, the amp, and then the issue at hand The car is a 1999 Cadillac Deville Concours 4.6L V8 32 Valve Northstar engine The amp is a PYRAMID PB1217X NEW AMP 1600W 2-CHANNEL BRIDGEABLE MOSFET AMPLIFIER (caps due to copy and paste) and if it...