regular cab

  1. B

    subs for regular cab pick up

    Going back and forth on what to put in my sons truck. Its a 1993 regular cab Silverado, wondering which would be best 8" subs or 6.5" subs? I have never really used or heard the 6.5" subs in action. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  2. Box I Built For Buddies Reg Cab F-250

    Box I Built For Buddies Reg Cab F-250

    Box I Built For Buddies Reg Cab F-250 - Pioneer TS-W1207D2 - Sold to him by: me :D
  3. C

    1994 Ford Ranger regular cab enclosure ideas and sub recommendations...

    I want to build a custom enclosure in my little '94 Ranger. I have bucket seats, and I'm open to a center console box or something that fits behind the passenger seat. I think that one higher end 10" should be plenty to rock the truck, but I was hoping to get some suggestions on box design and...
  4. C

    Regular cab '94 Ranger bo design help please...

    I have a little 1994 ford ranger regular cab that I use for work. I want to build a custom enclosure for behind the seats, but I really need help with the design. I have 2 Audiobahn AW1000q subs that I would like to put in the enclosure. Here are the specs on the subs: Size 10 -inch...
  5. SupermanChevy24

    Help me build a bad *** system!!

    I have installed systems before... But unfortunately they have been in cars with plenty of trunk space!! This time I need help which is why after countless and reading forums and blah blah blah. So I am asking for help with what to buy. I am installing a brand new system in my truck 2011...