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    Soundstream Reference 1000s or 700s

    I have been looking for either a Soundstream Reference 1000s or 700s to buy. If anyone knows where I can find either one please pm me. thanks.
  2. P

    another rendition of "overpower vs underpower"

    i know versions of this issue are everywhere, but i want a specific answer. what are the chances of me blowing a 10" infinity reference sub (model: 1060w, rated RMS: 275w) with a kicker dx300.2 amp (300w RMS) in a sealed box? i dont crank my music too loud, so i thought i would be fine till i...
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    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Build

    Moving my system from old 2002 jeep to my 2007 jeep. THIS TIME I want to do it right. 1st things first. Upgraded the alternator to 220 amps and did BIG 3 with 0 gauge. Im working on the box and painting it but that's turned into a nightmare...
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    SOLD FS:WI:2 sounstream R1-12's, memphis mc1.1100 N Power Acoustik Flip up touch screenHU

    If interested, Please PM me an offer. Item for Sale: 2 Soundstream Reference R1-12" +box? Item Description/Condition: Like new. Mounting Depth *7.5” Outer Diameter *10.375” Cutout Diameter 11.125” Driver Displacement .15 cu.ft. Impedance Dual 4 ohm RMS Power 800 watts MAX Power 1200...