1. just call me KeV

    Recone for Incriminator audio Flatlyne 18 to 21"?

    I have an 18" coming tomorrow. I would like to see if it is possible to recone that motor to a 21" The sub is brand new but I wanted to look at options. The plan originally was to be two 18's but it took over 4 months to get this one. SSA has been one of the most difficult vendors I have ever...
  2. picniick

    Fake JL Audio 8W7???

    So here we go. Bought this 8w7-Ae from someone who claims it is brand new and never used. I didn’t realize anything shady when we meet with his positive attitude and all the excitement. This is my first time ever seeing a W7 in person and it just seems weird, weird enough to create an account...
  3. S

    Reconing Memphis mojo 15"

    Item(s) for Sale: Item(s) Description/Condition: Looking for someone that can help me build my first Gen mojo 15". I have motor and basket Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you...
  4. A

    Skar audio recone?

    Hi guys, I have a skar audio zvx 12 v1. I need to recone it but there isn't a recone from skar. Anyone has an idea of an alternative? Maybe sundown zv3 or dc or another company? thanks!
  5. W

    [RECONE] Orion HCCA 10.4

    I am looking for the absolute best price I can get for one (and possibly two if the price is right) Orion HCCA 10.4 re-cone kit. Notice I am asking for FOUR Ohm not two! ---I did some research on Orion and saw that they only supply these types of products to official stores (lame), one store...
  6. adrum96

    Obsidian 15 recone kit

    I recently blew my obsidian 15, which makes me quite sad . Does anyone know if obsidian makes a recone kit for their subwoofers? Or are there any recone kits that fit an obsidian 15? Thanks
  7. SkwurlyFab

    WTB: 12" Orion HCCA 12.2 Subwoofer Recone Kit

    Blew my 12" HCCA 12.2 Orion sub, need to find a recone kit or top assembly to fix it up. Can't find em anywhere online. If you got one you want to get rid of let me know! Post up and shoot me a PM for fastest response. I can pay by paypal and have cash ready to go. Thanks Here's a picture of...
  8. Athletestar123

    Subwoofer Rattle

    Alright so I have a new Sundown Sa 12 with an american bass hd recone, and it has a rattle in it, and when I put a little pressure on the sub the rattle goes away. People are saying it could be the cap but im not sure.
  9. M

    w7= poop...

    After some craigslist hustlin, I wound up with a JL 12w7. I got quite a deal on it, but its not at all what i had hoped for giving JL's overrated rep. It's a decent sub, but can only take 1000w rms and it doesnt really like that. I hear the motor on the w7s are really good though, so im thinking...
  10. Why So Cereal?

    Fi Q 18 for good 4 channel amp

    I have an Fi Q 18. it needs a recone. motor and basket in excellent condition!!! dual 2 ohm sub. want to trade for a nice 4 channel amp or a good class-d sub amp(only mainstream brands) or a nice 5 channel. basically anything but a 2 channel amp. sub amp must be atleast 800rms at 2 ohms. on...
  11. macisme

    Kicker solo x 18 recone

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 Kicker Solo X Recone kit Item(s) Description/Condition:Never used/New Price:175+ shipping obo Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: I will be shipping from Indianapolis. I got this on a deal. A guy owed me some cash, and we worked it out in trades. He got it wanting...
  12. Wingsfreak9

    SOLD 2 12" eclipse motor/baskets

    selling 2 motors and baskets both from the same eclipse subs. not really sure on the model or anything but if anyones interested throw me an offer. also open to trades.
  13. TeamPSI

    Radom subwoofer pics from PSI Car audio....

    Haven't been here in a bit, and figured I'd drop a few random shots of some of the latest subs we've been building/re-building here at the shop. Full pictorials with step-by-step build pics are at our forum, if you want to see them all. I'll just post finished pics in this post. Don't mean to...