rca cables wiring

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    Help with Pre amp outputs. What are they?

    First time posting on here but I couldn't get a straight answer from google so I figured id give this a shot, and I apologize if there is a thread for this already I looked but didn't see anything I was looking for. My current car doesn't have an after market receiver/stereo in it and I'm...
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    RCA Head Unit Wiring Help

    Hello, I am trying to power my mid level speakers with a 2 ch amp in my 05 Wrangler. I've pretty much gutted any and all factory sound equipment. My headunit is a pioneer DEH7400HD. Im powering my rear speakers with a 2ch Boss amp (R1002) and running the front speakers off the deck power. The...
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    How to wire amp and head unit, RCA cable?

    How do I wire the RCA cable with this amp and head unit? Seeing I only have 4 RCA outputs on my head unit and 5 RCA inputs on the amp Amp: MB Quart OA1100.5 Head Unit: Pioneer DEH-X3600UI Sorry for this newbie question
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    What are the RCA cables for in the back of a multimedia head unit?

    I've been looking around for a good double din head unit, probably a pioneer avh series unit and I've seen that the back of it has the regular plug where I'm supposed to wire my harness and then there are female RCA cables. What am I supposed to do with those? I know I'm lame but I might get one...