1. Mr FaceCaser

    Rattle in subwoofer

    I have 2 Sundown Uv2 12s one of them are rattling from the sub? Anyone know why?
  2. N

    Please Help, Rattling Problem

    Hey everyone, u guys were so helpful with my last question I would really appreciate it if I could get some advise on my new problem, my subs rattle my back hatch on my ford escape really bad, I've put dynamats all over the hatch and they definitely help but it still rattles,I guess my questions...
  3. Tshaffe

    Sub rattling at high volume

    I have a JL w7 10 and when I turn it up it makes a really loud rattling noise. When it is at a low volume it sounds fine. Is it maybe tinsel lead or something? Or is the sub about to blow.. Someone help me out
  4. D

    What's wrong? 12 inch Kicker CVR rattling

    I have a box for 2 12s and I previously had 2 pioneers in it, then I had one of the pioneers and a JL 12w1v2, and now I put the JL and a Kicker CVR, but now it rattles. I know for sure that it's the Kicker because when I take the wires off and only the JL hits, it doesn't rattle. I take the CVR...
  5. K

    HELP ME PLEASE!? Kicker L7 making "Rattling sound"

    Hi there, i was wondering if any one knew what might be wrong with my sub when it hits the higher notes it makes a rattling sound and i was thinging its a blown voice coil? any info on how to go about repairing it? ive been looking high and low and just cant find a diagram or pics or any info on...