rattling noise

  1. Blake Vandercar

    Subwoofer randomly started rattling at high volumes

    Out of nowhere my sub now rattles (sound comes from the center of it) at high volumes, almost as if it’s whacking something? Suspension is good and bass is very much still present, just with the addition of an annoying rattling sound. What gives? Only thing I can think of is maybe one of my T...
  2. C

    Sub is making sound when it's set in enclosure

    Recently purchased a CS210 JL Wxv2 Basswedge. After the first one was doing some funny stuff the retailer I purchased it from gave me the entirely new setup. I broke the subs in for a few days and when I turned them up I was getting a rattling noise. I was advised in another thread to remove the...
  3. C

    Sub making a Rattling noise

    A few Days ago I purchased a new set of subs in a sealed enclosure. It's a Cs210 JL audio 10wxv2 Basswedge. Hooked it up to my Kicker IX500.1 that was in my car from the previous owner and was hooked up to a single large 12" No-Name sub. After that sub blew I picked these up from an authorized...
  4. B

    Advice on how to stop the trunk rattling

    It's mainly the trunk lid. I applied dynamat twice and foam and it only helped about 50%. Any ideas on how to make the trunk lid stop rattling.
  5. T

    very confused please help!!!!

    i have just installed 4 hifonics hfi12d4 subs into my car, running them in pairs in series/parallel at 4 ohms per pair. they are in a sealed box with 2 chambers, 2 subs in each chamber. i am running them on a power acoustic 525w amp, bridged (until i get another amp) subs are brand new, when i...