ram 2500 limited sq

  1. Pimenteljoe

    6x9 to 8 inch

    Hey guys well I’m curious if it’s possible, is it even doable to put in 8 inch speakers into the area of the 2019 Dodge Ram Limited. The speakers I’ll use are Hertz SPL mids or woofers. Now the both have a mounting depth of 2.5 to 3.3 I also know that I’ll need to use a custom bracket. But I...
  2. 8128B225-170F-447E-88A8-8640988930F0.jpeg


    Another night shot of Plexiglass w/ LED’s
  3. 165775EC-D547-43D0-87F3-B2E97EDEA958.jpeg


    Enclosure and Amp rack view at night w/ LED glow
  4. E10734BE-E1F2-454C-9E32-EBBC0943DF2F.jpeg


    Mega cab enclosures and amp rack trimmed w/ Alcantara and Leather to match truck interior
  5. AFDB002C-D26E-4F92-9E22-83FE52163F2F.jpeg


    More Wiring of amp rack
  6. A1FA734B-EDFD-4676-989B-032C4F1A5D49.jpeg


    Ram 2500 Limited Mega Cab wiring of Amp Rack
  7. B035A7AC-A32C-4401-BA49-1A25A61761FB.jpeg


    Ram 2500 Mega Cab JL Audio amp rack and subwoofers 12TW5’s
  8. 63B162C2-8EFA-428D-9017-E46EF72CD138.jpeg


    Ram 2500 Front Door Pillar Tweeter Mount
  9. 35534DA3-C5F1-44AD-B6AD-3DDF4B69DE44.jpeg


    Ram 2500 Front Door Hertz Cento’s