psi car audio

  1. CarAudio_Dude

    WANTED PSI Platform 5 15

    Wasn't sure where to post to sell my psi platform 5 15's pair brand new was put into box and used once then I realized I need a lot more power than I want to spend on getting. Subs are in their original shipping box and perfect full upgraded model. Unless someone wants to trade these for a pair...
  2. Tempe

    COMPLETED PSI Car Audio Platform 1 10″ subwoofer dual 2 ohm

    I'm an OG to this forum from about 20 years ago. I was mostly known on Termpro back in the day, and it's been a while on any forum. I'm selling this PSI Car Audio Platform 1 10″ for $250 plus shipping from 85233. I'll take payment via Venmo. I bought this subwoofer a few years ago directly from...
  3. B

    Need some help ppl.. Tia

    Ok. I will be getting 2 PSI Platform 2 HD 2ohm subs.. I currently have 2 rockville rxd-m4 6000w mono amps strapped..amps are stable @ 1ohm.. What is the best way to wire my subs so I can get the most power out of them... The box I'm using is a custom built box tuned to 32hz.. If possible...
  4. germandark

    (2) PSI Platform 2 [HD Cone, Stiff Spiders, Direct 8ga to sewn leads]

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) Platform 2 12" - CUSTOM BUILT SUBWOOFER Item(s) Description/Condition: 82mm XL FW - D2 (1.5) 2 – 8" stiff progressive roll spiders Sewn leadwire 8ga direct connect (RED/BLACK) 12" HD cone assembly 6" poly dome dustcap w/ LARGE RED PSI logo Price: $550+shipping...
  5. GarechtExotics

    Sundown X12 vs Psi Platform 2 12?

    Ive been wanting to upgrade my system, got a 12" Alpine Type S at the moment. Since they are around the same price, Which sub would be better, X12 or Platform 2 12? Please dont suggest 10's or 15's. I am only doing 12's.
  6. O

    American bass XFL vs psi platform 1 vs sundown sa

    hey im having a hard time deciding which sub is superior all around spl & sound quality. im leaning toward the American bass XFL, but not sure. Someone please help!!
  7. TeamPSI

    Radom subwoofer pics from PSI Car audio....

    Haven't been here in a bit, and figured I'd drop a few random shots of some of the latest subs we've been building/re-building here at the shop. Full pictorials with step-by-step build pics are at our forum, if you want to see them all. I'll just post finished pics in this post. Don't mean to...