1. adulbrich

    If you haven't seen it already

  2. Q

    What would a good price be for this amp

    My friend has an old mtx thunder 404 4 channel amp 35watt [email protected] ohms by 4 and 79 watts [email protected] ohms by 4 what would a good price be the only one I found online was for 100 but that seems kinda high to me any ideas would be appreciated
  3. Kanjay West

    Good or bad purchase?

    I've been looking around for subs for the past few weeks and finally last night I purchased a set of rockford fosgate p3d4 12 inch subs dvc 4 ohm wired to 2 ohms @ 600 watt rms, two mounted in 3/4 inch mdf sealed box powered by rockford prime class d amp 1200 watt rms @ 1 ohm. I paid $300 for it...
  4. N

    Pricing help ?

    Hey guys, I'm an audio noob, and I recently inherited a system that I can't appreciate, so I was hoping I could get a price range for possibly selling it. It included a Kenwood '13 eXcelon sub (KFC-XW1300DVC) enclosed in a fairly large, well-kept sub box with a "Kenwood Excelon KAC-X810D 400W x...
  5. S

    Phoenix Gold M25/M50/M100 values?

    I'm clearing out my storage room at home and came across my old-school Phoenix Gold amps...M25, M50 & M100. I'm the original owner and have had these stored away for the past 15 years or so. The M50 and M100 are in mint scratches/bemishes. The M25 is near mint with minor...