pre outs

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    Should i use preamp Outputs??

    I'm currently in the process of installing an avh 2300nex into my car and just removed the factory stereo. but I'm confused to if I should use the pre amp out puts or no, because the speaker do work if I connect the power supple wires to the stereo and the seem fine.... I don't wanna go into too...
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    Limited head unit Pre-out options

    I’m starting off by saying : I have a DEH-X6900BT pioneer head unit that is equipped with 4 pre-outs that are each rated at 2 volts I have 2 of these pre outs hooked up directly to a Rockford fosgate 4x250 amp The other 2 preouts I’m wanting to split so that they go to both the Rockford...
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    Please help

    I can't say I'm a car audio enthusiast, but I am hoping one can help me. I went to my local best buy today to purchase a new car stereo/audio deck. I was told that for my car, a 2004 BMW 325ix that was bought with hi-def stereo and aux amp, I would need something with 4 pre outs. I was...