ppi p900.4

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    PPI 900.4 NEW if possible

    I'm looking for a PPI P900.4 to power my JBL C608GTI MKII components. Would be nice if it was new. Offering $150 shipped to 38652. Just PM me if you have an offer. If you can offer me something else with relatively the same power specs but better SQ then make an offer and I will certainly...
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    Soundstream REF4.920 or PPI P900.4?

    I need some details on both of these amps, they are made by the same manufacturer I believe. The REF seems like it would be better on SQ and has a much better crossover. The P900.4 on the other hand is class D so it's much more efficient, but doesn't have a great crossover so I don't think I'll...