ppi art

  1. K

    Phoenix gold M24-M44 and ppi pro art series 50

    Looking to buy following amps Phoenix Gold M25 Phoenix Gold M44 Precision Power Pro Art Series 50 or 100 Please let me know if anyone has these for sale or has seen them. Thank you!
  2. cooper1123

    PPI Art Series A404 stable at 2ohms bridged?????

    I have a PPI A404 im looking to put into my 1967 Chevy Nova (in avatar) for temorary use until i get my A300.2 fixed. My question is... Will i be okay running this amp bridged at 2ohms? The owners manual says the amp is only stable at 4 ohms bridged, but these put out some awesome oldschool...
  3. D

    Looking for some PPI Art series amps

    Hey guys, I know I'm new here but I've been reading up on things. As far as I can find, there seem to be no PPI Art amps around my area that are for sale. I was wondering if anybody had any PPI arts that they have and do not want anymore. I'm looking specifically for a PPI ART A600.2 but if you...