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    Powered sub doesn't hit as hard as the other

    Hopefully, I'm posting in the right area. I purchased 2 Sound Storm Laboratories LOPRO10 10 Inch Powered Subwoofers. Both with 2 RCA inputs L & R . No outputs. I have 1 RCA with 2 cables labeled L & R. I have the RCA plugged in the L channel on 1 sub and the R channel on the 2nd sub. My problem...
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    Powered sub issues

    Delete please.
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    Kicker Hideaway/kisl rca cables powered sub install

    Just wanted to get some feedback if anyone knows what’s wrong with my setup, we can’t get the little led light on the sub to turn on indicating power. Also I have a backup camera and was wondering where you tap in the wires and the power wire for it. My head unit is a Jensen cm710. Any help is...
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    Where to put powered subwoofer in Altima car

    I got a 1999 Nissan Altima and a NVX QBUS8 80 watt RMS Powered Subwoofer and want to know where I should mount it. The seats are too low to put it under the seats so I was thinking ether on the center of the back seat or on the center of the rear deck under the back window but I'm worried that...
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    Dual Amp question.

    Hey guys I just want to make sure that I am not damaging anything with this setup. I have zero experience with installing car stereos previous to this so I have a few questions. I have a 2014 ford focus and I recently installed a powered sub JBL gt bass pro 12 . Alpine 610c and an Alpine...