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    Can running rca cables next to power cable cause distortion?

    I'm getting distortion in my sub at a relatively low volume. The head unit goes up to 60 and I'm getting distortion at 23. The head unit has a 10 band equalizer so I turned them all to zero and it distorted at 30. I'm just thinking it shouldn't be distorting at such a low volume. Head unit...
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    Check Out Sky High Car Audio Cable!!

    Need some serious over sized power wire?! Check out Sky High Car Audio!! They carry 8,4,1/0,2/0 in OFC or CCA! They also carry 16,14,and 12 gauge speaker wire! Copper Ring Terminals with Sky High Car Audio Heat Shrinks that leaves a clean finish. Also check out Sky High Car Audio's fuse...
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    Blowing fuses too easily

    I have a 12inch kenwood sub and a pyramid America amp and I have had it in my car for about a month now and it was working great with amazing sound but now all of a sudden I went to turn it on and the sub wasn't working but the amp was on then I went to check the main wire power cable fuse and...
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    WTT: 20'+ KCA Kable 1/0 Black CCA Power Cable

    Item(s) for Sale: I have two runs of Knuconceptz KCA power cable about 18.5' long. Item(s) Description/Condition: KCA is oversized 1/0 gauge Copper Clad Aluminum cable Price: $1.30/ft I would prefer some 4 AWG Oxygen free cable about 18' long for each run of the KCA Shipping and...
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    Is it okay to connect two fork terminals into one binding post?

    Achtung baby, I already have two sets of 8 gauge power/ground cables from my two previous systems. My new amplifier has an 90A fuse, so I'll definitely need a larger cable size. Can I just connect the two 8 gauge cable sets to the one amplifier? The combined copper should equal approx 2 gauge...