1. S

    Hooked Ground to + and + to Ground...but

    So the amp is a JX10001d. Such a dumb thing to do(No bad smell came from the unit. Took about a minute to realize and unplug it) But the odd thing is with it wired correctly now the power light comes on the amp and everything seems fine. No fuses got blown anywhere and when the vehicle is turned...
  2. giltyler


    I bought a FI SSD 12" subwoofer from amedeuce and he is truly a man of his word. The FI is in mint condition and sounds great. I would not hesitate to trade with him again Gilbert
  3. T

    Buyer Feedback "dre2390"

    i had bought a fi SSD 15" d2 subwoofer off "dre2390" for 200$ shipped it was one of my best buys personally. and since this is my first, i want to let everyone know, he did a great job packaging and shipping the subwoofer. Took only a few days to get here from across the country, hooked her up...