1. R

    Painting my sub box

    So I want to paint my sub box. I know that mdf absorbs paint so I know I have to put a layer between the paint and the wood. I was wondering if I should get wood sealant or a primer paint? If I should get a wood sealant can it be any kind?
  2. ndials925


    Hello! So the rule goes you should not ground to a painted surface... once you have cleaned the surface free of any paint, and made a connection. Can you then paint over your ground to prevent rust?
  3. Only The Best

    Full fiberglass interior design

    so im going to need to get two door panels with and extra speaker put in as well as the back two swing open doors just fiberglassed a center console from the front to back of the truck with a tv screen in it as well as it meeting up to a fiberglass box for 4 12" w7's and removing the seats the...