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    Subwoofer reading

    Can a dual 4ohm subwoofer read 2.9 on the multimeter? Or does it mean it’s blown there is no resistance from my meter it reads out right so I want to know if my sundown audio u serious dual 4 is blown when reading it nominally it says 4 ohms any ideas here or in site would be helpful
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    Help Figuring out what amplifier can output on 3ohm speakers

    Hi all, I'm sure that I'm missing something obvious feel free to correct my assumptions Doing my first audio install on my Lancer. Saved the amplifier from the old car. I don't want to pay someone else to do it mainly because the last guy did it pretty rough and I wanted to do it my own way...
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    Old School 8-track wiring question

    New to the forum, be gentle with me. My 17yo son is building an old Smokey & The Bandit Trans Am. He just purchased an original 1977 8-track player that works. The unit sits in the console and (originally) plugged into the back of the am/fm dash-mounted radio/stereo. The 8-track has it's...