1. adulbrich

    Be nice to your neighbors

    Ok, for English class I need to make a list of unusual reasons you should be nice to your neighbors. I figured you guys would have some good ones. Here's what I have so far: They will be more likely to let you borrow tools. They will be more likely to lie for you if you committed a crime and...
  2. JeepGuy

    Want to Trade 2 12's and a PPI A300 Amp for 1 12 sub

    Up for trade is 2 12" AudioBahn's. These are the onese with aluminum cones. These subs are in great condition and work perfectly. They are dual 6 ohms and can take 1000 watts daily. Specs: •Power Handling: 1000 watts R.M.S. •Peak Power Handling: 2000 watts •Aluminum Cone •3" Voice Coil...
  3. H

    Help! Subwoofers for $200?

    Please help me. I am getting a 2005 Chevy Silverado this summer and need help choosing new speakers and subwoofers. I am putting subwoofers in the back seat and speakers in the front doors. The subwoofers need to have pretty good bass for around $100 - $150 but I am willing to go to $200 if I...
  4. 1997 Ford Ranger

    1997 Ford Ranger

  5. alpine 7998

    alpine 7998