need help

  1. Siikdude

    need help building a subwoofer box for my subs

    hi there.. so i have 4 x skar zvxv2 d2 subs and i have a jeep wrangler 10' the max diamentions in m jeep is a width 42in x length 26 1/2in would like less like 23 length or less if possible to have some space in my jeep, and the height i can do max 17in or i can do a Wedge Enclosures that...
  2. NoobyMcLovin

    I maxed my volume out and no more sound

    Hi, thanks to anyone who can help me. I just made an account out of fear that I destroyed my speakers or maybe something else in my system. I just got done wiring up an amp and my new radio and before I turned the amp on my tweeters were making sound because I spliced them into the speaker...
  3. lukehester

    Need Help!

    I have a Ampere Audio AA-2000.1. I installed the amp 2 days ago and it would randomly go into protect mode. I woke up this morning and now that amp immediately goes into protect mode when i turn the car on. I have disconnected everything except the B+, ground, and remote wire, and still the same...
  4. G

    Need help with wiring

    So i just hooked up a new deck and now when my truck is running my sub hums at the same engine note. Truck revs and the sub humms in a higher frequency etc. And when the truck is off it bumps like a heart beat. What is the problem.
  5. T

    very confused please help!!!!

    i have just installed 4 hifonics hfi12d4 subs into my car, running them in pairs in series/parallel at 4 ohms per pair. they are in a sealed box with 2 chambers, 2 subs in each chamber. i am running them on a power acoustic 525w amp, bridged (until i get another amp) subs are brand new, when i...
  6. L

    Have a few questions on designing my first box

    So im buying 3 12inch subs and this is my first time buying them that arnt already in a box and having to build my own. After reading the sealed vs ported thread im deciding to go with a sealed design. The subs are Boss P126DVC It...