1. rlmich

    Jbl ms-8 parts!!!!

    I am looking for any and all parts. Top of the list is an LCD screen and cable. The stand would be a plus. Let me know...
  2. E

    FS: JBL MS8 Processor

    Item(s) for Sale:JBL MS8 Processing Unit Item(s) Description/Condition: THIS IS A BRAND NEW REFURBISHED UNIT. Just got this item from Harman as a replacement from the one that had broke. The display insert port on the MS8 broke when trying to insert the displays cord. They told me that they...
  3. J

    F/S Barely Used JBL MS-8 $500 Inc/Shipping

    Item(s) for Sale: One barely used JBL MS-8 Item(s) Description/Condition: I have to list this item as used because I did install it and play with it. It was installed for a total of four weeks but only run for two of them because I decided to go back to my original setup after a week and...
  4. S

    SOLD BNIB JBL MS-8 Processor

    Offer Removed...