1. Bbean12

    Need some help with a amplifier and speaker setup

    So I bought a kenwood KAC-M5024BT amplifier for my motorcycle. It puts out 50w x 4 channel rms and has a max power of 600w. I have 4” mounted towers on my bike that I bought with 4” 45KM44 kickers installed that work at 50w rms and 4-ohms. After about a week one of the speakers blew and I’m...
  2. adulbrich

    Motorcycle Diagnosis

    Hello, sorry for the long read, but I want people to know what I have tried so far. I have a 2007 Honda CBR1000. A month ago, it died while I was riding it. Gauge cluster was still on and the red indicator light came on, but the engine cut out. Cranked, but would not start. When cycling the...
  3. M

    Small space needing bass

    Ok 1st let me get this out the way. I know absolutely nothing about car audio but fast in learning. Now I have a gsxr 1000 I'm currently running 4 Jbl Gto 3.5 on the front of my bike. In the rear I'm running 1 Rockford fosgate 6.5 using a Rockford fosgate T4004xad 4 channel amp Now although...
  4. B

    Jensen Stereo distorts when motorcycle idles

    I have a Jensen JMS2212 Marine Stereo on my 05 BMW K1200LT. The controller was installed up front on the gas tank and the amp/stereo is in my saddlebag. The Problem - when I ride the stereo sounds great. But when I stop at a light, the volume decreases and the radio breaks up. If I shut the...
  5. Trancer

    GoPro Hero2 HD 1080p POV Camera - Finally got it!

    So I finally purchased the GoPro Hero2 HD 1080p POV camera. I have been wanting this for a year or two and now they came out with a newer model. I just got this camera on Thursday so I am still trying to figure out all of the neat features and gadgets. They sell three different editions; Surfing...