memphis 12s

  1. Scottyhester1

    How to set up a Memphis PRX 12" sub?

    I have a Memphis PRX 12 and I want to know the best way to set it up. I have a 95 GMC 1500 extended cab truck with an under the seat box that faces the sub down and I have a Kicker DX 500.1 amp. I cant seem to get a good sound and I'm afraid something isnt paired right or I dont have it set up...
  2. O

    2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Build

    Moving my system from old 2002 jeep to my 2007 jeep. THIS TIME I want to do it right. 1st things first. Upgraded the alternator to 220 amps and did BIG 3 with 0 gauge. Im working on the box and painting it but that's turned into a nightmare...
  3. M

    can anyone help with avalanche midgate design (basic)?

    I am buildin my box for my 2004 avalanche its going to replace the midgate and i was wondering is the anyone who has or can design a box for it...or possibly help with the build im new to the forum world this is my first one so it would be 10x easier for you to email me with your help THanks...