1. Kenyanbasshead

    amp choice for 2xAA mayhem

    Hey guys, so now i have bought 2xAA Mayhems 18s and am a little torn inbetween a few amps to choose from. Im in the Netherlands at the moment and have a few choices regarding amps. 1. 1xHifonics brx12000d (1x6000rms at 1ohm) 2. 1xGround zero gzpa1.6khcx (1x6000rms at 1ohm) 3. 2xMassive d8000...
  2. Boboblittz

    same model parameters not the same?

    Okay so i was curious, whenever i look at subs i look at the specs and i have noticed something with every reputable brand. For example the most recent sub i looked at was the AA Mayhem. I don't understand why the parameters for the same size same model sub, change based on whether it is 1 2 or...
  3. J

    AA Mayhem 18" D2

    Looking for a AA Mayhem 18 D2. I prefer it be in good condition and the coils to be reading ~1.4 PM to discuss price.