1. P

    Need help installing LED strips

    I'm putting some LED strips in my car and I'm new to this so I need some help. Here's my set up: I will have 3 different circuits; under my dash and under my seats (4 strips), all 4 doors (4 strips), and my trunk (2 strips). I want the ones under my dash and seats wired into my gauge lights. I...
  2. T

    WTB: Trunk / Subwoofer Lighting?

    hi... anyone have any suggestions for led lighting strips to put in the trunk or around subwoofers that can also pulse with music. let me know if you have some yourself or know where to get them online cheap. thanks!
  3. Austin52

    LEDs that pulse to the subs

    i really really want to buy some LED strips and wire them so they will pulse to the beat of my subs. How exactly do i do that? would i hook them right up to the output on my amp?