1. L

    How accurate is the clipping light on the bass knob

    So I have a Skar audio 4500.1D amplifier And the bass knob came with a clip light, and doing some test with it, the light comes on way before the subs start audibly clipping, should I trust the light or audibly?
  2. A

    Sub box that is light?

    Back in the day there was super light mdf, but people blasted it with spl and was no good for subs. How about today? I heard in automotive unibody construction they use sandwiched foam for strength and rigidity while saving weight. Anyone sandwiched foam with fiberglass? Cause weight is...
  3. L

    Can I use a relay to wire lights to a speaker?

    I want to wire some LED strips to the bass speakers in my car so that they will light up to the music. I reason that you cant wire the lights in parallel with the speaker because the lights can blow with too much volume. I also read that it will trash the sound quality. ? Anyway, my plan is to...
  4. Only The Best

    HID lights shut off?? plz help!

    so I just installed a 55 watt 6k hid lights in my truck All of the wires were connected as said in the user manual… the lights look perfectly fine when I turn them on and the truck Is turned off…. But when I turn the truck on the lights flicker out and then start to go ape sh*t… maybe I need to...
  5. L

    rubicon 1000d protection light

    yeah a few days ago the protection light on my amp came on and the subs started beating like a heart, anybody know what could be wrong?
  6. T

    Mono Amp Protection Light Help!

    I have a alpine pdx 1.1000 1000w amp running 2x 10" alpine type R's. I also have a 4 channel alpine vpowered mrp-f240 running my 4 speakers I have 4 gage power running into a distribution block and I have 2x 8 gage power running out of it into both my amps. I have 4 gage ground running into a...