kinetik battery

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    Battery question

    Is it a good idea to isolate a Kinetik HC600 to dedicate it to my car audio? I've been reading up on Kinetik's website and they all say on the FAQ's that the HC600 and HC800 should be supplemental power and no isolator is needed and it would defeat the purpose of supplemental power. Would it be...
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    stinger or kinetik battery

    if you are in the OKC area and looking to get rid of a stinger or kinetic battery with at least 2000 watts of stable power please hit me up at. thanks
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    hello i have a 2000w hifonics for my 2 l7 12's and a 600w hifonics for my 4 infinty refs i have a kinetik 1400 but my dash lights still dim i wanted to know if installing a kinetik 600 parallel would help or would i be better off getting kinetik 2000? thank you