1. V

    new car kickers all around

    recently purchased an older vehicle with 2 4x6 kicker ds in dash and 4 more kicker ds unknown, 1 in each door. upgraded to jvc touch screen head unit and I'm just curious if it's possible to squeeze some bass out of these door speakers before having to jump to a sub and amp, or could an amp...
  2. Athletestar123

    (2) Kickers L5 15"

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) Kicker L5 15" Item(s) Description/Condition: Looks almost brand new, used on power for about 2-3 months. Mounting scuffs and thats about it. Price: 200 plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: You pay; 40 for east 50 mid/midwest Item Pictures...
  3. E

    2 channel amp , 2 subwoofers 4 ohms help! ! ! ! !

    Well im having trouble with this setup , i had it connected , bridged. the positive to the positive , negative to the negative. They came in a factory box already connected. But im having trouble , everything was fine , was bumpin for awhile like an hour , then it just shut off. Now every 10mins...
  4. M

    Why does my hifonics amp keeps going in to protect?

    I got about a week ago a hifonics amp hfi1500d mono and two kickers cvr aluminized (800 watts/ 400 rms). The amp is mounted to the back the speaker box and the amp is at 3/4ths of its power. What happens is when I turn on my truck the amp light is green and works but then goes red into...