kicker subs

  1. H

    Subwoofer making staticy crackling sound

    I have a circuit breaker hooked up with an alpine amp and a Kicker L7 Solobaric sub hooked up. Yesterday my amp blew both of the 40 A fuses that were in it. So I replaced them and it worked perfectly fine after that. This morning I turned on my car and the sub stopped working. Fuses aren't...
  2. H

    Kicker 2010 C15 With DX 250.1 Amp?

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I was hoping to find some help regarding my upcoming system, I have been around cars my whole life but this is my first time really getting into the audio aspect of it all. In my 1989 S15 Jimmy I have a 2Din 7" Kenwood touchscreen and 6 150w 6" pioneer...
  3. Motokid

    Kicker Amps?

    I started reading stuff on car audio awhile back, stopped for a bit because i didn't want to spend money on my system to upgrade but, things change :P Question is, are Kicker amps worth the money. I"ve heard 'oh they are one of the best' then again i've heard they were way over priced, also...
  4. L

    Looking at buying Hart amp and Kicker 12"

    I got a good friend trying to sell me some used stuff. He has a Hart Professional HT1200 II amp, 2 channel, and 2 4ohm kicker 12" subs. The subs come in a box that i wont use. The subs i believe are older but in pretty good shape. He is asking 200 for the lot. What is the story on Hart...