jl 500/1

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    JL 10 W7 500/1 combo

    Unfortunately money is tight right now and bills come first. Selling my 10w7 in perfect condition with a 500/1 mono amp and ported redeye box. all 3 pieces JL AUDIO. this thing shakes my car apart!! no lowballers or trades. contact either per email or 573 883 zero three five one. Item(s)...
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    JL 500/1 install help? ? melted fuse holder!

    Hey I'm new here! I've read the forum for.like a year now but never joined! Anyways, I have a JL 500/1 running on a 20 dollar supposedly 6 gauge wiring kit. at high volumes the amps power will actually shut off until I turn the radio back down a notch . When I looked under the hood my fuse...
  4. JL 500/1

    JL 500/1

    my 500/1 JL monoblock to power my 12" type r sub...that is once it comes in...:(