1. gagewill

    Subwoofer Popping at High Volume, Overpower Light Turns On

    I am rather new to car audio so excuse my lack of expert vocabulary. I installed a single 10 inch subwoofer box, and all new JL door speakers and dash tweeters into my 2020 Silverado 1500. Everything played great for awhile but I started to hear a popping / scratching sound when I turned the...
  2. K

    Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX Android Auto and other issue

    Hello, I recently bought a Pioneer AVH-W4400NEX from BestBuy and using it from a month in my 2014 Ford Mustang. The radio was decent, but I am having problems with: 1. Android Auto - When I connected by phone (BB Keyone), I always get a message: "To use Android Auto please stop the car and...
  3. D

    [Help] Amp(s) have no output after so many seconds?

    Greetings, I drive a 99' Ford Escort. I like to have a good punch to my music, but not too much. So I usually go with budget friendly options for hardware. My current internal audio setup is a small 4-channel Clarion amp (XC1410), front components, tweeters, and 6x9s in the rear. All that works...