1. K

    Total Confusion. Factory Audio Interface Issues

    Hey everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with an obnoxious issue. I purchased AOEM-GM1416A from Pacific Audio Company. Its an interface for GM cars to allow the installation of an aftermarket amp and sub. Once its hooked up, everything works great until...the brake lights, headlight, fog...
  2. chuckCAF

    Interface, wiring-Do I really need one?

    Hello, first time posting here, longtime lurking. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 'stripped'-no Bose, no OnStar, no steering wheel controls-just an AM/FM radio and 4/6 speakers(if you count the A pillar tweets). I am installing : Alpine IDA305SBT, Kenwood Exelon X600F, Infinity Perfects, etc...
  3. M

    OEM interface

    I'm redoing the audio in my '07 Mazda3 Hatch and I'm not sure what interface I should get for it. I want aftermarket sound without replacing the factory unit because it just looks so **** good. I was looking at the MTX Re-q5, but I'm worried about alternator hum because the outputs are less than...
  4. C

    What kind of steering wheel interface to use? PAC or Metra?

    so im gonna put a new cd player in my 02 crown vic and i want to be able to use my buttons on my steering wheel still. i have read up on the pac swi-jack (since im useing a kenwood) and it seems simple, but i have also read that some people have problems with them not working all the time. so i...