1. adulbrich

    21" Incriminator Wardens

    Item(s) for Sale: Three 21" incriminator Warden v1's dual 1 ohm coils Item(s) Description/Condition: They have direct leads and re-enforced triple joints as optional extras They have a couple small holes in the surrounds that were repaired with glue, motors have some scratches, and have some...
  2. denim

    Incriminator Audio Black & Blue Sale at the SSA Store

  3. denim

    > New Incriminator Audio Subs <

    Join in the fun on our FaceBook page and see once again why SSA has always been the only choice for your IA needs online from day one.
  4. incriminator model "kendra" with the vert at sbn 2012

    incriminator model "kendra" with the vert at sbn 2012

    Kendra the model for incriminator audio posing by the vert at Sbn 2012.
  5. n8skow

    WTT IA 40.1 for 2 SoloX 10's/12's

    Wanting to trade my IA 40.1 for a pair of SoloX 10's/12's Need dual 2-ohm cones - and prefer that they be the older grey cones. The second pic shows where the previous owner sparked the terminal (plugging in wire without charging with a resistor first), but I assure you the amp is 100%...
  6. T

    Incriminator Audio ?

    In my search for my first system I think I have finally found what subwoofer I want to go with for my setup. My question is: Should I go with the Lethal Injection series ? its 189.00$ and the specs are: 600 Watt RMS Rated DVC 2 ohm or 4 ohm OR The DeathRow series ? it is 319.00$ and the...