1. JustaBowla

    Hot Cable

    I have installed an HO alternator and 2 XS power batteries under the hood. I have everything fused including the main power wire running to the main fuse block for the vehicle. This cable originally had a factory 140 amp fuse on it, so that is what I have on it as well. I have also upgraded it...
  2. Driv3

    Are there amps that run reliably (not scalding) bridged?

    So, i'm looking for about 800 rms. The Powerbass i have is 800r,s bridged at 4 ohm. It runs hot as hell but doesn't go into protect fortunately. But as a whole, are there 2 channel amps that can be bridged without the temperature to fry an egg and are reliable?
  3. Alvi45

    amp gets really hot

    I have a dodge magnum and my amp getting so hot really fast I don't know why but I noticed the audio shop where I had my setup installed they didn't put an inline fuse from the battery to the amp I was wondering if this is the reason why? Or do I need thicker power cable ?
  4. D

    Rockford distribution

    Ok I have 1 rf t2500-1bdcp takes 300 amp fuse and t1000.4 I believe it take 100 amp fuse I have a fused distribution block with one fuse do I use one 300 amp fuse or I need 400 amp fuse to combine the two amp fuses
  5. D

    Rockford vs mayhem or zcon

    Hey fam is this a good combination 1 Rockford fosgate t2500-1bd and 2 Mayhem 12 D2 –Ascendant Audio 12 or should I do ZCON-12 D2
  6. 2Dcore

    Memphis mojo 4k getting hot?

    I finished my system on the weekend 8 10" subs with the Memphis running them it slams but i went back to check the amp and the thing is pretty **** hot. Is this supposed to happen with these amps or is there a problem somewhere? I been worried about it. it don't clip and it's not distorted. The...
  7. my whip

    my whip

    my aurora on 21
  8. amps


  9. lotsa bass

    lotsa bass