ho alt

  1. basswiigee

    h.o. alternator 05 cobalt 2.2

    i'm looking to buy a high output alternator for a 05 cobalt 2.2 ecotec... like to keep it under $200...
  2. Z

    Stock alternator/electrical system questions

    Hey guys, another question here. It seems all I do is ask questions! :P So I'm going to be installing my first audio system in my car, probably this week. I have all my components ordered and they should be here tomorrow. Hopefully I won't be too busy with school and can get started installing...
  3. outsideshot23

    GM 230A HO alt. fits new chevys and gmc

    Item(s) for Sale: 230A HO alt. Only has about 13k miles on it. It is a stock dr-44 case. Had it sent in and rewound for 230$. I had 3 dekas and 2 d9s @.66 and it kept up just fine. did a 157.3 in a full size on 3 mts. only got about 1k miles on it since being rewound. it is the oval 2 pin...
  4. jsmitty

    wtb: HO Alt for '05 xB

    I believe the stock one is something around 90A, and that's just not cutting it. Let me know what you have :-)