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    Hertz mille mlk 2tw

    I just purchased a set of Hertz MLK 2TW components. It includes Hertz ML1600 drivers and ML280 tweeters and the crossovers. I will be running them off my Kenwood ZR900-5 amp. The amp is currently at 60rms to all four corners and 600rms to the two JL W3 subs in the rear. My question is the...
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    Kicker speakers? Good or bad?

    Somebody told me recently that the speakers kicker makes arent bad. Should i get them? Ive heard one person say that they get ba once you turn them up loud they get choppy. Should i spend the money on the kicker speakers or fork out the extra cash for hertz audio. Cause i am going to get 2...
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    hertz mlk 165 vs HSK 165 XL HERTZ 6.5"

    I understand the MLK'S have been discontinued and the HSK'S are the replacements. Does anyone know if there are any major differences between the two? If I'm not mistaken there's a huge price difference between the two models Have you heard both? Would you say the MLK'S are any better and if...