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    New system update

    Just finished off my system. 2013 Jeep wrangler unlimited Sahara. Front- HERTZ MLK 2 TW Rear- HERTZ EXC 165.5 Sub- 2 JL Audio 12w3v3 Ported. AMPS- JL Audio HD 750/1, HD 600/4. This system will blow your socks off. I have never heard anything like this in my whole life. Brings a smile to...
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    Hertz Advice - MPX690 vs. HCX690

    I'm building my very first system and trying to decide between the Hertz MPX690 or HCX690. From a sound and performance standpoint what are your thoughts? Secondarily, it appears I can acquire the HCX for approximately $400 and the MPX for $565 from a US distributor. From a value perspective...
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    Hertz mille mlk 2tw

    I just purchased a set of Hertz MLK 2TW components. It includes Hertz ML1600 drivers and ML280 tweeters and the crossovers. I will be running them off my Kenwood ZR900-5 amp. The amp is currently at 60rms to all four corners and 600rms to the two JL W3 subs in the rear. My question is the...
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    Item(s) for Sale: Focal k2 kRX3 components and a set of hertz ht25 Tweeters. ..... Item(s) Description/Condition: Ok here I go again. Lol I have a set of focal k2 kRX3 components less the tweeters (lost them) they are in good condition were used for about 4 months then un installed and thay...