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  1. rav4bigballs

    Pairing speakers with an amplifier

    For a 4 channel amplifier 70w RMS 170w peak power (Sony XMN1004) -Does the amplifiers peak power need to be higher the same or lower than the peak power rating of the speakers -If I use two sets of speakers 1 more powerful 1 less powerful, can power be favoured relative to the speaker power or...
  2. T

    H.O alternator?!?

    Need help ! I have a 2000 toyota avalon with stock alternator! Im running two 12 inch jbl s3's which are 500watt rms each! I am powering them with a audiopipe 15001d it is rated to do just under 1000 watt rms @2ohms which is what i have it all set too! The s3 have the ohm selector switch and...