headunit wiring

  1. bullheadaudio

    new head unit new wireing??

    I'm thinking of getting a double din touch screen head unit. I already have a aftermarket single din with a harness and was wondering if the double din requires a diffrent kind of harness or do I just need to plug N play it. Thanks.
  2. W

    Troubleshooting troubles

    Hey! I just got finished setting up amp rack and My new woofer box. When i got it all hooked up, a new ******* problem appears... My head unit would not power up. So i started troubleshooting. After changing all fuses (none were accualy blown) , i Tried to connect the red wire to the yellow...
  3. F

    Sub works speakers do not

    Driving home the other day and my speakers just suddenly stopped. The subs kept hitting to the bassline and everything and I now have no interior speakers at all. No sound. Nothing. I have a 1998 infiniti i30 with the premium sound system by bose. I have an pioneer deck. The rears have a...