1. A

    American Bass XFL 124, Soundqubed hds312, or Massive Audio Torox 124 (2015 Model)?

    Anyone have any experience with any of these subs? I recently installed a JBL gto-1001ez putting out 1000 watts @ 2ohms and had a NVX VCW sub hooked up but the NVX was junk and now I need to replace it with a single 12. All of these have a similar price and will replace the box with a recommend...
  2. adulbrich

    Since when has Soundqubed made an 8 inch sub???

    Maybe I miss it every time I visit their website (which is possible). If they always have, why does nobody mention it??? Here's a link: HDS208 Looks pretty bad a$$ to me. Typical of soundqubed, the price is great too. Does anyone have experience with these?