fosgate rockford amp

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    Amp clip

    This set up is on my Harley: I have a Rockford Fosgate PBR 300x4 Mini amp. I have one channel going to 2 6x9s and 2 6.5s I have another channel going to 2 additional 6.5s Then I have 2 6.5s running straight to the radio. Kenwood Marine radio: When I have the fader even everything plays...
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    ok a month ago i was sold on the Saz-3500 but now someone said if im going to spend over a 1k on a amp get the RF t2500-1BDCP. they said so many good things and had a crowd behind them. older guys thats been doing audio to. they said it has Continuous power and blah blah blah. now what you guys...